We make petri dishes pre-inoculated, following the client request, with specific sensible microorganism cell for particular use.


AR PAR-TEST STEARO 90mm petri dishes

The AR Par-Test Stearo are made with the Mueller Hilton Agar culture medium and pre-inoculated G.Stearo Thermophilus cell ATCC®7953.


AR Par-Test Staphilo 90mm Petri Dishes

AR Par-Test Staphilo 90mm Petri Dishes are made with a diagnostic agar called C.L.E.D. Agar ( Crystine-Lactose-Electrolyte-Deficient Agar ) and pre-inoculated Sthaphylococus Epidermidis cell ATCC®7953.

Each production Lot is tested according to the Quality Control Protocol which provides stability, sterility and microbiological performance tests

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