Services and Support

Quality Control

Our quality control lab run the verification test for the release of the lots following the internal protocol managed from the quality system or in reference to the standard operative procedures for the specific preparation. The quality control sheets are available for every production lot and they can be downloaded or asking for them if are not available online, in the “Documentation” “Quality Control Certification” in our web site. The quality protocol can be required and make it with the business client collaboration.


Lots Production

During the years our production system established on extremely modular: we can make smaller lots and important lots quantities for each articles.



Our preparation are sent by express courier and they managed the transportation rapidly  and keeping the temperature in check. We also have our internal transportation to directly manage the transfer, based on specific agreements and special transportation needs.


Preparation Following The Client Recipe

If you are looking for a specific preparation, a culture medium, a kit or you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask us, giving us all the details for what you need. We are specialize in the production of specific and customable products to satisfied the client request.


Customers Service

Our technical workers can give you all the specific information and technical documentation for each articles:


  • technical sheet

  • security sheet

  • quality control certificate.

Would you like a routine production list?


You don’t find what you are looking for or are you looking for a specific preparation?


We are ready to develop new preparation or costumize the standard preparation.